Welcome to the new official John Sloman website

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  1. So pleased to see the new website up and running. Downloaded the new album and going to listen to it this weekend. What a fantastic treat!

    • Sorry Chris but John’s album is only available as a download at this time

    • Hi Per, John plays all instruments on the album. Hope you like it. Phil

  2. Thank you!! Last man on planet earth is fantastic track, other standouts on first few listens, Blind and Conspiracy of silence. Have almost all of John’s music going back to the ’70s, this album is a welcome treat. Greetings from Australia.

  3. Great to see John’s new site up and running and what a treat to find John’s latest album to download too. I can’t wait to purchase the The Taff Trail Troubadour album as soon as it’s released. Hopefully there may be signed copies available as well as standard? Either way its been a long wait that I’m sure will have been well worth that wait. Thanks John for the music past and present.

    • Hi Iain

      The new album is only available as a download from http://www.cdbaby.com and we don’t currently have any plans to make the album available on CD. I might get some of the “Taff Trail Troubadour” logos printed and get John to sign them.

      We hope you enjoy the new album.

      I’ll pass on your regards to John.


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